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The Close of the 2018 Season

by Bill Faustine

Once again, we come to the close of another beautiful season.  There have been a number of notable activities throughout the season but I should start with a significant change to our beach policies.  As of this coming season,


You may remember a survey or polling document that came with your renewal packet last January asking what your thoughts were concerning renters having access to the beach.  When the results were tabulated on the July 4th general meeting, 60% of the responders said no renters.  The board of directors spent time discussing and looking at all of the possible consequences and at the October 20th meeting, they voted to stop renters from coming to the beach using the nonmember beach card.

The use of that card generated a detailed and lengthy discussion and changes will probably be coming in the future.  Only 10% of the membership use the card but we will be asking for your input in a survey document included with your renewal packet this coming season.

Our Bylaws do provide for regulating and prohibiting renters from using the beach but careful deliberation of this issue allowed the board of directors to vote with confidence in this matter.

I believe the board of directors is trying to respond to a general feeling within the membership to go back to a more private beach facility.  All those who joined the association did so thinking they were joining a private beach.

We will also be asking for your input on a number of capital improvement projects.  I have talked about them in the past newsletters but the board would like your input before proceeding.

I would like to thank our beach committee led by Greg Henderson and Steve Rechenmacher for their season long repairs and maintenance of the beach property.  They, along with the beach crew, keep the beach repaired and always looking beautiful.

I am standing in the cove area and as you can see, the water is down approximately 10′, normal for this time of year.

Please be sure to complete your renewal packets in a timely manner and send us your responses on the issues mentioned.  I look forward to another great season in 2019.

The Social Events

by Sue Adkerson and Amanda Bellows

The social committee, Sue Adkerson and Amanda Bellows had a successful dinner of prime rib, cooked by Gardner Combs and Bill Faustine and big baked potatoes and all the trimmings and many, many delicious side dishes brought by the membership.  There was a huge group there… 87 people.  That is 7 racks of prime rib,  90 potatoes and many yummy salads and side dishes.  No one left hungry!
This is a popular event and we had to turn away 59 people who did not get their reservation into Sue on time.

Amanda Bellows and Sue Adkerson served hamburgers cooked by Ed Meyers, Gardner Combs, Bill Faustine, and Bruce Johnson, and chips drinks left over from 4th of July on Saturday, September 1, after the general meeting.  About 125 enjoyed a free hamburger and chips and a drink.  It was nice to see that many at the meeting and a good burger afterwards.

Amanda Bellows and Sue Adkerson could not put on these affairs unless they have a group of friends who help. They would like to thank Barbara and Ed Montgomery, Nancy and Chuck Perez, Jevenee Smith, Bill and Cathy Faustine , Lee Crawford and their kids, Ed and Peggy Meyer and grandkids, Bruce and Diane Johnson , Linda and Dick Anderson and Val and Bill Hardy, Gardner Combs, and Roland and Donalyn Fellmen.  We love what we do for you all and love when we have good turnouts and hear good comments. Thanks for a great 2018 summer.

Bingo with ice cream sundaes
Potato Feast
Mexican Fiesta
Pot Luck and Movie night
Pulled Pork Pot Luck
The only date that is scheduled is AUGUST 3, 2019: The local Truckee band:   “ DE JA VU”