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Welcome to the 2019 Summer Season

by Bill Faustine

Welcome to the 2019 summer season.  I hope everyone survived our 160% above normal winter season.  We lost a couple of roof panels to snow load.

I would like to provide a couple of reminders for all of our members.  Our beach manager of last season, Bret Barker, will be returning this coming season.  He will be accepting staff applications from May 1st. on, so if you are interested in summer employment, please contact him at

Our annual beach cleanup activity will start at 9:00 am on Saturday, May 25th.  All are welcome.  At the conclusion of that activity, the beach is open for members to bring kayaks, paddle boards, and power boats to the beach for storage.  Staff will be assigned to the rack areas to prevent members from “saving” their favorite rack space.  Personal items found in place will be removed prior to the official opening so please respect the process.  As you bring in your kayak or paddle board, you will pickup your stickers and place them on the equipment.

Power boat owners will need to have your current inspection sticker on your windshield (if you have one) before the boat is allowed on the property.  Please have your boat cover removed.  The inspection station is located at the airport and is open for business in mid May.  Remember, no standing water anywhere!!  The inspection crew will be thorough.

The staff will increase their efforts to provide us with data concerning member guests.  You will be asked for the number of guests with you.  When a car load enters the beach, please be ready to provide the staff with accurate information.  Hand stamps will still be used for re-entering.

Board Member Rose Cortopassi has worked hard on providing us with a rigorous forest management plan.  Truckee Fire Department has toured our facility and provided suggestions.  We have also hired a licensed arborist to review our forest health and fire potential.  He has submitted his report to the board of directors.  There are some trees needing immediate attention.  We will review the report and begin attending to those issues.  We will also be removing dead limbs and collected undergrowth this coming season.  Thinning of our trees is also on the forest health agenda.  So, over the course of this 2019 season, you will see some trees removed, others thinned, and much undergrowth removed in an effort to provide fire abatement and overall forest health.

Once again, welcome to the 2019 season of activities.

The Social Events

by Sue Adkerson and Amanda Bellows

Saturday May 25, 5-9 pm
Kick off the summer with our first event! You’ve just spent the morning making our beach beautiful for everyone, reward yourself for that great work with pulled pork sliders! Please bring a side dish, a salad, or a dessert to share. Tea and lemonade will be provided.

Saturday June 22, 6-9pm
Win prizes playing BINGO and savor your winnings over a decadent ice cream sundae that you can custom create. Our Famous-Only-In-Truckee caller will be running the show!

Saturday June 29, noon after the General Meeting
Come enjoy a hot dog or hamburger and chips for free. Add a drink for a small charge.

Saturday July 6, 6-9 pm
MEXICAN FIESTA ($10 adults, $5 under 12 – tickets required)
Homemade Mexican food – What a treat for us to enjoy on the beach. And a perfect summer meal! Purchase a ticket from Amanda Bellows or Sue Adkerson over the July 4th week – Amanda is usually found under a large white tent near the horseshoes, Sue sits in a blue chair mid-beach with her circle of friends.

Saturday July 20, 6-9pm
Back when food stuck to your ribs and you ran home after school so you wouldn’t be late for supper. Think casseroles, congealed salads, and aspic. Bring your favorite “like my momma used to make” dish to share. A main dish, salad, or dessert. If everyone pitches in we’ll all have fully bellies! Tea and lemonade will be supplied. Bring your own adult beverages if you’d like.

Saturday August 3, 7-10 pm
LIVE ON THE BEACH… DEJAVU!!!!!! Our famous local Truckee band! (free)
Bring an hors d’oeuvres to share. Come enjoy listening or dancing to our local rock and roll band.  Bring your adult beverages. Tea and lemonade will be supplied.

Saturday August 10, 4-8pm
DLPOA HOME TOUR ($10 per person – ticket required)
View 4 homes and enjoy music and refreshments at the end of the tour. Don’t miss out, it’s been 6 years since our last tour! Directions will be given out the day of the event. YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR TICKET IN ADVANCE. Tickets may be bought from Sue Adkerson and Amanda Bellows Aug 4-10th. Amanda is usually found under a large white tent near the horseshoes, Sue sits in a blue chair mid-beach with her circle of friends.

Saturday August 17, 6-9 pm
Bring a topping for a big baked potato. Use your imagination – think beyond sour cream! Bring your own adult beverages and tea and lemonade will be supplied.

Saturday August 31, noon after the General Meeting
BBQ LUNCH (free)
Hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips – wind down the summer with our last event. Drinks will be available with a small charge.



As we’ve all seen, the fire danger in California has continued to increase and the Truckee area is no exception. California has seen 9 of the 20 most destructive fires in California’s recorded history in the last 5 years!

The build-up of dry fuels, a significant drought and more people moving to and visiting the wildland urban interface have led to this extreme fire danger that threatens our community. Many of the visitors to our region don’t understand the danger, adding to the risk of an escaped campfire.

Each year the Fire District responds to unattended or improperly extinguished residential campfires that escape the fire ring and start a wildfire. If this happens on a windy day a wildfire could be devastating to our community. That is why the Truckee Fire Protection District is implementing a District-wide ordinance to ban backyard type campfires during fire season.


(Starting in June)

  • No wood or charcoal fires
  • Report illegal fires by calling 911
  • Fire season usually runs from June -November

*PLEASE NOTEThe fire ban does not include gas appliances like gas BBQ’s, gas fire pits, pellet burning devices. Campgrounds and Day-use picnic areas are exempt.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is banned?

Residential campfires/bonfires that burn anything other than gas and BBQ’s that burn solid fuel like charcoal briquettes, wood or lump charcoal including the Big Green Egg type.

What is allowed?

Gas campfires, gas portable fire pits, gas BBQ’s, pellet burning devices.

Who is exempt?

Designated campgrounds and day-use picnic areas, private campgrounds and community picnic areas with a valid permit, outdoor special event/commercial cooking operations with a valid permit.

Will the ban start when CalFire announces fire season for the entire state?

Yes, typically starting in June and ending after we get significant moisture, usually in November.

Can people use a briquette fuel-based smoker?

No, the issue being that there are briquettes being used and there still exists a risk of improper disposal of charcoal remnants.

Can people use a wood pellet fuel-based BBQ/smoker? Yes, pellet burning devices are well contained and fully consumed to ash with no super-heated particles remaining that could start a fire after disposal.

Can people add wood shavings, like apple wood and other types you can buy for added flavoring, to a smoker or gas grill?

No, the addition of wood shavings will present a similar risk of incomplete combustion and improper disposal that can start a wildfire.

Would the district consider issuing briquette BBQ permits to individual residents?

No, with over 15,000 residential structures in the district, there is no logistical/financial way we could inspect, issue, or enforce permits of that magnitude.

Will permits be issued for picnic areas and special events/commercial cooking operations that use briquette/wood BBQ’s?

Yes, these operations will be inspected for safe practices and issued a permit with specific operating guidelines.