2022 Member Renewal Opens Jan 21

It’s Time to GO TO the Beach!

We are planning to have a normal beach season. All of our normal activities are scheduled to go off as planned. Unfortunately, the town of Truckee has already called off the fireworks again this. I am looking forward to hot dogs and hamburgers after the membership meeting. All of it back to normal.

I know many of us have had to deal with Prop 19. Please if you are having problems don’t hesitate to talk to us. Someone has to have at least 20% ownership in your property to have a DLPOA membership. I understand that there may be ways to correct ownership percentages, but make sure you check with your attorney to make sure it does not affect your property tax situation. The board will work with you in any we can to help correct any issues.

I know that Barbra Lewis has placed so much information over the years on membership issues in the newsletter but, we are still stumbling on to members that still have people on their membership roster that should not be on the list. Please Review your list of family members and make sure they meet the requirements set forth in our bylaws. We are not looking and trying to find issues but when we do find a problem, we have to act as per the bylaws. Please it is not worth losing your access privilege when there are ways to have friends and guests enjoy the beach.

We have never had so many people apply for boat and other storage as we have had this year. We are looking for ways to increase our storage needs. I hope to be able to report on these issues at our first membership meeting.

You will see many more picnic tables and umbrellas on the beach be sure to thank Greg Henderson for his continued good work. Soon internet coverage on the beach will improve and we will not have to stop working ever! Thanks again Greg.

I hope that everyone has been safe and sound this last year and ready to get back to real life!

Real life what a concept! I, for one, am ready for it.

Every One Have A Great Summer!


Steve Rechenmacher

President – DLPOA

New Standup Paddle Board Rack