2021 Member Renewal is Open

Letter to our Members

Wow!  I cannot believe that in one month it will be Spring. I was lucky to be able to spend the week at the cabin when it snowed 6’ of the great white stuff. I played with my tractor and snow blower and nothing since. One good storm so far this year.

I am hoping that things will be back to normal this Summer. With that said only time will tell.

I am asking everyone to plan on a regular schedule. Beach cleanup, beach activities, Meetings and all the fun stuff.

Over the winter Barbara Lewis has been working very hard on the bylaws and updates. Greg Henderson has been working some very unpleasant member issues and City, state and government permits for some beach repairs. The rest of us have been offering support as needed.

I heard some good news from Greg Henderson that Bret Barker will be back again this coming summer.

I am just hoping that everyone is staying safe and looking after one another. This will be a great Summer God willing. I, for one, cannot wait to put my feet in the sand and be reminded how lucky we are to have such a perfect slice of Heaven.

The office staff have been busy with new members and I hear that paddle board storage is filling up fast. We will have to look at how we can best increase our storage areas.

We will be trying to keep everyone up to speed on any issues that may change our summer plans but for now count on business as usual.

Do not forget to tell Lee Crawford when you see him what a good job he is doing with the newsletter he does work very hard at it, it shows. Thank you, Lee!


Please stay safe everyone, see you at the Beach very soon,

Steve Rechenmacher

President DLPOA