Our Summer Season

(So far!) by Bill Faustine

Opening Day

Opening Day, May 26, was a success.  Over 100 members showed up to help clean the beach from winter storms.  Dumpsters were filled and after about 2 hours of work by everyone, coffee and donuts were served.  Bret Barker, our beach manager, opened the beach for business at 11:00 am.

Movie Night on the Beach, by Sue Adkerson

“A Wrinkle in Time” was shown on Sunday, July 1, to about 100 DLPOA grand parents, parents, and children from toddlers to teens.  Everyone enjoyed free popcorn and a beautiful night on the beach.  Our thanks to everyone who helped and the staff for staying late to close up.

The July 4th Holiday

The middle of the week holiday had a minor effect on the crowds.  Early morning members and their guests started lining up in the early hours of the 4th.  The beach staff along with board member Linda Anderson and former board member, Bart VanDamme helped get everyone checked in with wrist bands in those early morning hours.  At 8:00 am sharp, the gates were opened and the rush to get just the right piece of the beach was on!

The Truckee Parks and Recreation Department presold 6000 tickets to residents at $7 apiece.  That money goes into the operating costs for the park and does not go to the costs of the fireworks.  Those monies come from a number of our members as well as businesses and private individuals who feel strongly about this community event.  The City of Truckee’s fireworks display came in second place as one of the top ten places to watch fireworks in the country.  This honor was announced on NPR and Sirius XM radio on the morning of the 4th.  Watch out for next year!!

The Pancake Breakfast

What a beautiful day it was for the Pancake Breakfast! Memorial Day is a wonderful kickoff to the summer with faces familiar and new – and so many people! 200+ people enjoyed our first social event on the beach. Bacon, sausage, and fruit salad and at least 6 packages of pancake mix!

Amanda Bellows and Sue Adkerson would like to thank their committee who helped put on this terrific event. Pancake duty: Gardner Combs, Bruce Johnson, Lee Crawford. Sausage and bacon duty: Bill Faustine, Linda Anderson, Rose Cortopassi, and Lee Crawford. Diane Johnson was the pancake carrier. The beautiful fruit salad was donated by the, Donalyn and Roland Fellman. Sue had a great list of friends who came and helped her get the party ready. Val Hardy, Jenny Fleming, Carol Bowa, Barbara and Ed Montgomery, Chuck and Nancy Perez, Cathy Faustine, Myrna Alcon, Jan and Janine Howard. Thank you everyone who was patient enough to stand in line (in the oh-so-welcome sun!) and of course, to ALL the worker bees!

2018 Election Voting

Of the 711 membership families, 312 ballots were submitted.  The results were as follows:  President -Bill Faustine 294;  Vice President -Bruce Johnson 284; Secretary -(Lee was a write-in) Lee Crawford 10; Treasurer -Barry Silberman 291;  Board Members: Linda Anderson 241; Ed Meyer 232;  Rose Cortopassi 146; John Henry Beyer 128; Bart Vandamme 101.    Mr. Beyer and Mr. Vandamme, please run again next year.  The survey dealing with the renters issue came back as follows:  Renters NO-187  Renters YES-125
Rob Rauh is the election committee chair.  His efforts were complimented by Nancy Danish’s guidance and help and also a big thank you to Chris Rechenmacher, Lucas Fejer, and Sebastion Fejer for their help.

The Sand Castle Contest

Fun was had by all at the DLPOA Annual Sandcastle Contest this year! The weather was perfect and the creativity was in abundance. Sandcastles, sand butterflies, crawdads, and Donner Lake replicas spanned the lakeside.

Thank you to our wonderful judges, Marg, Sue, Donna Lynn, Gill and Gia and for the DLPOA staff for prepping the beach for this fun event. Congratulations to all of our winners! See you again next summer!

Age 8 and under category

1st place – Team Shaffer ( Cooper and Xyla Shaffer)

2nd place – Team Sutherland ( Audrey Sutherland, Amelia Cale, Lucy Ferguson, and Ava Mowbray)

Age 9 -12 years old category

1st place – Castor Cabin ( Paige Blanchard, Kate Blanchard, Grace Goelman)

2nd Place – Lake Girls ( Gracyn Ard, Lucy Ard, Payton Ratto, Logan Basten, Ella Pettinato)

Age 13-17 years category

1st place – Lake Chicks ( Shaelyn Ratto, Fina Pettinato, Sam Tchejeyan, Grace Pettinato)

2nd place – Loch Leven Lodge ( Brooke Brandenbarger, Ashley Brandenberger, Ryder Bloemsma, and Sophia Bloemsma)

All ages category

1st place – DLPOA Staff ( Maddie Kleis, Shane Vandamme, Katie Kleis, and Marli Lozoya)

2nd place – Rad Kids ( Noah, Emma, Blake, and Donna Freeman)

Ice Cream Truck on Saturdays!

The ICE  CREAMERY on the west end of Donner Lake is serving homemade ice cream from his food truck on our beach each Saturday from 2-4 pm. Come and enjoy a refreshing scoop or scoops of delicious ice cream either in a cup or on a cone.  So many flavors to choose from.

These have been the events through the middle of July.  There are more to come throughout the rest of the summer season.

Free PASTA FEED Saturday July 21, 6-9pm.  Want to win a prize for the best pasta sauce?  Make a big pot of sauce and the committee will have the pasta to eat with the various sauces. If not making a sauce please bring a salad, warm French bread or a desert to share.   Come and enjoy a good pasta feed.

TACO NIGHT…Saturday July 28 from 6-9 pm.
Bring a salad or desert to share.  Tacos will be free.

DEJAVU LIVE BAND on the beach AUGUST 4 from 7-10pm.  Come and dance and listen to rock and roll on our beach.  FREE

PRIME RIB NIGHT… 6-9 pm  $10.00 per person.  MUST SIGN UPWITH
SUE ADKERSON  530.587.4339 or on the beach by AUGUST 11th.
BRING A SALAD OR DESERT TO SHARE?  Prime rib and baked potatoes will be served.  This is a delicious night.!! !

And lastly…
After our general meeting on Sept. 1 at  11:00 am. we will enjoy WINE TASTING furnished by Bob Lauchland of the LODI VINEYARDS.  There will be cheeses to nibble on too.

The beach is operating at full vacation mode with large crowds throughout the 10 week season, until the third week of August when most school districts start back up.  Our thanks to all of our members who are always willing to lend a helping hand or in other ways, add to the strong, supportive community spirit our association has enjoyed for many years.  Thank you.