Beach Opens May 23

Bill Faustine, President
Bruce Johnson, Vice President
Gardner Combs, Treasurer
Lee Crawford, Secretary

May 15, 2020

DLPOA Membership,

As the end of May approaches, we will post on our website,, any last-minute changes.    Our State is clearly not free of the effects of this terrible virus and we must proceed with caution!   There have been some recent developments that effect our opening:

  • Nevada County Public Health Officer Dr. Ken Cutler has modified Nevada County’s local Stay-at-home order to further clarify and allow outdoor recreational activities that can be safely enjoyed with precautions in place. As a result, our beach is currently scheduled to open May 23, at 9:00 am.  Please be sure and check our website for any last-minute changes do to State or County revised directives.
  • The City of Truckee has cancelled the July 4th fireworks and parade. The City still lists the West End Beach closed until further notice.
  • Social distancing and face masks will be part of the beach behavior. If you stay within your family unit, no masks – If that space cannot be maintained with other groups, face masks must be worn.  Using the restrooms will also require face coverings as distancing issues will be impossible to maintain.  This may change with updated State and County Health directives.
  • No traditional member beach cleanup on opening day. This year, staff will complete this activity.  We will not have our traditional 4th activities, no sandcastle contest, no noon meal, and no general membership meeting.  If you have any questions, please email me or Bruce with your concerns and we will answer to the best of our ability.
  • No large group celebrations. Again, this may change over time.  All members must display beach cards to enter!  Please severely limit your normal guests and/or extended family invite list for this season.  You must accompany them as before but to be clear, we must do all we can to keep the numbers down.  If you, or any of your guests, are in the post 65 years of age with preexisting conditions, take additional precautions.  You may want to consider staying away during busy weekends.
  • No cash exchanged at kiosk. Credit or ATM cards only.  Our equipment for member use will not be available.  Ping pong and horseshoes promote closeness!  Again, this may change over the summer.
  • Equipment storage on the property will be allowed when the beach opens. All motorized and/or trailered watercraft must have an inspection sticker prior to entering our beach!  The City of Truckee has made several changes in this inspection process.  You must first fill out a Self-Inspection-Form_Donner Lake_2020.  They are available online from the town’s website and at the public launch ramp facility.  Obviously, there is an expectation of boater honesty and an interest in protecting our lake!  Once you have completed the cleaning and have filled out the form, you call the police department, (530) 550-2323 for an appointment.  You bring the form into the department and they issue a sticker.  You mount it on the windshield, as before, and you are good for the season.

This is still a fluid situation and we will make every effort to keep you informed.  If Statewide opening plans go badly and there is a resurgence of the virus, we may be required to adhere to new safety directives which may include closing the beach.

Please disseminate this information with your extended membership family and keep your families safe and healthy.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Bill Faustine

2020 Member Renewal is OPEN

Late Fees will be waived this season due to coronavirus