2021 Member Renewal is Open

Letter to our Members

I sure hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Summer.

As far as I can tell having been at our beach many days this Summer and talking to many of our members everyone enjoyed their time on the beach.

I am hoping that next year things get back to normal for everyone and we can start it all over again.

The trees have started to change color, the temperature has started drop but it is still so beautiful at Donner, I do not like to return to the real world during the week.

Special thanks go out to all the people that made it possible to open and operate the beach this year. I know at times it was a challenge. It was so great to see the beach staff and members doing their part to keep everyone safe and sound.

The beach is now closed, it was so great to be able to keep it open for an extended period. Greg Henderson and the beach staff have put everything away for the winter. We are still trying to complete some projects before the snow flies, they may have to wait until next year, Oh well.

We had a great year. The budget looks very good for next year.

One thing that I promised all the members at the general membership meeting was that we would take a good look at the issue of saving tables and beach early morning, then not returning to use them during the day.

The Board has decided to handle it this way for now and see if it works out for everyone:

Members can still show up early when the beach opens to get their favorite spot. If the members choose to leave and then return, they need to be back by noon. If they do not return, a complaint can be made to the beach staff and the member will be notified that they are not following common courtesy rules of the beach. There are areas that members can reserve for barbeques or get togethers, but they need to check with the beach staff to do so. We are getting more new tables and will be asking everyone to keep the tables back just a little way form the water edge. I would like everyone to remember that there are so many ways to enjoy the beach. Some activities can keep you out on the water for sometimes hours before you return to the beach. My expectation is that with a few more tables and common courtesy this will be a good solution for all.

I have enjoyed my first season as your President, I enjoy hearing from you. Please let me know what is on your mind.

Have a great Winter, Think SNOW.

Steve Rechenmacher

President – DLPOA