Membership in the DLPOA is approved by the board once an application has been submitted and reviewed.  General inquiries should be sent to

A membership application may be filled out by downloading and printing the 2021 New Membership form or a hardcopy can be mailed to you by contacting The application must include all applicable fees.

Applicants intending to use DLPOA boat or trailer facilities must also include the waiver form.


Please complete all pages of the 2021 membership application and attach a copy of your signed grant deedMail it with the appropriate fees to DLPOA, C/O Raymond Hapai, COO, 11803 Lone Wolf Ct., Grass Valley, CA 95949. Donner Lake Property Owner’s Association has a membership limit. If a membership is available at the time your application is received, it will be processed and if your property qualifies for membership, a membership will be issued to you. If the association has reached its membership capacity, you will be notified, your money returned and you will be placed on a waiting list. When a membership does become available, you will be contacted.

Note:  (We have plenty of openings for 2021)  If you need to know if your parcel qualifies for membership please contact the Membership Committee Chair at

The membership must be in the name of a legal, LIVING property owner.

No memberships or cards will be activated unless ALL questions on the renewal form are answered in full and all fees paid.

Providing false information will likely result in denial of your application or one or two year postponement of  membership eligibility.


Initiation fee: The fee for 2021 is $3,400. This is a one-time fee per new membership.

Processing/Research Fee: This $500 fee is a one-time administrative fee for processing a new membership, or an inherited membership, or the transfer of a membership to another property owned by the member within the eligible area.

Membership dues: The dues for 2021 are $165.

2021 ID Card for Entry System: $10 for each I.D. card issued.
(Total amount must match listed immediate family members plus member plus spouse. Please refer to the Diagram Immediate family Members

Your I.D swipe card will be issued at the Kiosk when you present a photo I.D. and you are listed as the member, spouse, or eligible immediate family member. Thereafter, your I.D. swipe card must be presented at the Kiosk for entry; otherwise, you will not be admitted to the beach.

Non-Member Card (optional): This card is necessary if you want to enable your guests to come to the beach (unaccompanied by you or a member of your immediate family).  Renters may not use this card.  A maximum of 10 persons may have access to the beach per day and there is a daily use fee of $10 charged for anyone over the age of 12 years old. The card is good for all summer except on Saturday, June 26th through Sunday, July 11th and on Saturday, September 4th through Sunday, September 12th.

Note: You may not bring as a guest or provide your Non-Member Card to a former DLPOA member (or his or her family members) whose membership has been suspended or revoked.

Boat use fees: The fee is $80 per year for each boat required to be registered (any motor vessel and sail boats over 8 feet). The fee is $20 for each boat not required to be registered (paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, windsurfers, inflatable paddle boards or kayaks, zodiac type boats etc.).

Storage fees: If you want to store your boat or trailer, you need to pay a storage fee plus a boat use fee. The storage fee is $400 per registered boat left at the beach, $500 per registered boat left in the water (limited to the area behind the breakwater) overnight and $175 per trailer left in the trees at the beach. The fee is $80 for unregistered boats (or units), and paddle boards, for both use and storage.

Note: Before you will be issued and receive boat use and storage stickers, you must sign and return the enclosed Waiver of Liability form holding the association harmless from any damages related to the members’ boats and/or trailers.

Just a reminder that there is “No Smoking or Vaping and No Glass” on the beach. Gate keys are only sold to members with watercraft for the sole purpose of launching their water craft and promptly leaving DLPOA property. Refer to your copy of the “Beach Rules” that we will send you after receiving your renewal fees.

Thank you for your interest in DLPOA. To join as a member, please print and fill out the  membership Application and mail it in along with payment.

Questions? Call us at 530-268-4755 or send us an email at